Atkins Global Interior Design

New Logotype & Brochures
This new logo for the Interior Design department of Atkins Global was designed to
revamp this creative team’s work. Similar to the design refresh given to the
architectural department of this organisation, the whole Atkins brand colour palette
was utilised for a vibrant and distinct approach in presenting this team’s work.

Atkins Global Interior Design logotype and motifThe new logotype was created using the company’s secondary font Georgia.
The ID emblem was then used as a design motif utilised within the teams’ brochures
and other marketing material.



ID Marketing Brochures
Two sets of brochures were produced for the department focusing on
different sectors – commercial and public. The design motif of the new logotype
was used within the inside pages. Individual case studies showcasring the team’s
work, as well as business cards, are inserted within the inside pockets.

Client  Atkins Global
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